Safe Business Messenger

Your own application for secure communication with your clients

Why SafeComm?

SafeComm enables your company's consultants to communicate securely with clients (B2C) from anywhere on earth. The application combines the functions of popular messengers (such as WhatsApp, Messenger) with additional business features.
Until now, your consultants had to use external messengers to meet the different needs of customers, now they can use one comprehensive solution over which you will have full control.


Why is this important?

The changing business situation in the world challenges companies to step up and manage digital verbal communication in a more secure way.
As consumer behaviour is changing, visionary entrepreneurs will adapt quickly and demand more than common communication platforms offer today.
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More remote communication and online meetings demand better security and manageability.
We demand traceability, logs and secure log-in to prevent eavesdropping.
SAFECOMM is ready to help your business adapt to this new reality

New reality


Secure chats, calls and video

  • All communication between your employees and your clients is secured and stored on your private cloud or server
  • You don't have to share any of this information with an external provider – if you do not want to

Simple onboarding

  • Your client receives an SMS, email, calendar invitation from your company with a link to easily download and install an app
  • This app can also be downloaded directly from an app-store

Your own mobile app

  • We will provide you with your own branded app available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • It's a while label solution
  • This will further enhance both your brand but also a safe connection to your company and earn the trust of your clients

Don’t miss an important call

Depending on your preferences the app enables your clients to see the availability and book or suggest a call/meeting in advance with the selected group or single employee. This way you do not miss important opportunities due to busy staff or short memory.

Simple calls booking

  • Meeting are easily booked from the app
  • Client can talk ad-hoc from anywhere in the world with available agent
  • Client can see all booked meeting in an app and also is informed about coming ones.
  • Your employees can work remotely with full security
  • Each employee sees their scheduled calls or meetings. Thanks to this, they can plan their day more efficiently.

Your security

  • All meetings and calls including videos are recoded and logged
  • This data is yours - you do not have to share with any provider
  • This data are manageable in accordance with GDPR rules

Strong security

  • Strong authentication is data that only your client and you know.
  • This way your employee is 100% sure that the other person in the call is the authorised client.
  • Simple and safe!

Screen sharing

  • During the call, chat - the consultant can share his desktop with client. It's very easy and secure to follow.
  • It's a great solution when additional help is needed.


  • The number of conversations in a given time unit
  • Certain customers biometrics like mood and intentions
  • Booked communication that did not take place
  • GPS location of both parties
  • Information about strong customer authentication during the conversation

Talk with us!

Contact us to test the SafeComm solution. Let's discuss together what business problems we can help solve in your organization.

SafeComm is owned by  Henck GmbH, Westhafenstr. 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany